Above sodden earth, misty breaths rose up from the marsh.
And twenty souls armed with with each other, ran.
Puddle and crack.
Huh, Huh, Huh,
hu, hu,
Huh, Huh, Huh
… & so on
is a charmer.
In a circle, in a dream, blindly led by bone, we swayed weight, took turns, swivvelled down,
and up
and some back
and some forward
and some siding, some siding.
I swear I saw eighteen devils writhing then.
And then again, we ran. Snaking our way away from those mushy edges, to where the East beats. And we sang
Happy Birthday to Antonio,
a little brittle at first it was,
but soon it rang sweet, sweet
and crystal
like a bear
(Nightrunning happened from 6pm on Friday 14th November 2014, Hackney Marshes, East London with twenty participants – led by myself and james cross)

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