Feldenkrais Training London

Whim or calling? I didn't know so much about the Feldenkrais method of somatic education but it kept cropping up in my life, indirectly over many years, and more directly over recent ones. My friend Kristin Fredricksson is a practitioner and variously it appeared in texts I was asking my students to reference. I have [...]

Square Dances – Review by Regan Hutchins

After the dance is over!  My friend Regan Hutchins came to visit from Dublin.  Here's the piece he made on Square Dances for RTE Ireland's Culture File programme.  It was broadcast on Friday 28th October 2011. RTE Ireland's Culture File Programme on Rosemary Lee's Square Dances. Cover Image Illustration by Sally Mackey https://www.robertvesty.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Square-Dance.mp3

Rosemary Lee’s Square Dances for Dance Umbrella

After performing in Rosemary Lee's Common Dance (2009), I'm really pleased to be taking part in her latest Dance Umbrella commission - Square Dances.  There are four dances performed by four distinct groups (men, women, children & dance students from The Place) in four distinct places - squares in and around the Bloomsbury area of [...]

Dog Kennel Hill Project @ The Place

I'm working with Dog Kennel Hill Project this weekend.  Their 'People Working' is a peformance tour around The Place's building.  The Place is celebrating its 40th birthday and this tour runs 5 times over the weekend, taking an audience of 10 through the basements, offices, cupboards and rooms of the building.  In each performers 'work'.  [...]

“Senior Moments” – 17/01/10, Margate, UK

Kristin Fredricksson of Beady Eye and I have been working together on a project which remains in development.  The initial idea sprang from stories from older people, before migrating to a preoccupation with archiving movement.  Once invited to scratch a performance at Margate's Theatre Royal, Kristin and I decided we would concentrate on using older [...]

Common Dance – over, but not over

Rosemary Lee's Common Dance for this year's Dance Umbrella festival was a big success - sold out at Gda every performance with long waiting list for returns, it was a shame more people couldn't share what was, we were told by many, a 'moving' and 'powerful' experience. The Guardian's Sanjoy Roy reviewed it with four [...]