Space and Words for Dancers

Space and Words for Dancers was a week of work in July 2015 led by Julyen Hamilton and Billie Hanne, hosted by Chisenhale Dance Space, and curated by Antonio de la Fe and myself. It consisted of a 6-day workshop which we participated in with 23 other professional dancers. It focused on the use of space [...]

nightrunning 14 November 2014

NIGHTRUNNING ON HACKNEY MARSHES Above sodden earth, misty breaths rose up from the marsh. And twenty souls armed with with each other, ran. Hup. Puddle and crack. Huh, Huh, Huh, hu, hu, Huh, Huh, Huh ... & so on Night is a charmer. In a circle, in a dream, blindly led by bone, we swayed [...]

What_Now 2014

What_Now 2014 I'm writing now, at my desk, being sedentary, thinking, not thinking, a bit stuck (PhD chapter), then I'll go to see Les Ballets C de la B and then I'll come home and pack for this - four days occupying Siobhan Davies studios for What_Now 2014, and look forward to a different, and perhaps [...]

One Man Good Woman

I am making a solo show which not only aims to serve as practice in order to research the application of Brecht's concept of Gestus but also tells the story of one good woman turned sour by the memory of one man. It is has a Hollywood frame, circa 1940s and uses Brecht's The Good [...]