In 2013 I decided to give the series of ongoing performance collaborations the overarching title: Seven Scenes in Tandem. Utilising the language of theatre, I am conceiving these ongoing works as monologues and duologues (even if my collaborators don’t know it!). My aim is give space to my thinking and doing in research terms where I’m interested to harness instant theatricality caught in the moves and the words of an actor’s dancing.

One in the series – a duologue with Pete Gomes on camera – was tested at TIN Salon#1, Ravensfield Theatre, Middlesex University, in July 2016.

Another in the series – a duolgue with Kate Ryder with prepared piano happened as part of New Pathways in Improvisation (organised by Professor Ben Dwyer) at Middlesex University, in November 2021. Documented below is a 20-minute instantly composed piece with a follow-on talk speaking to the concerns of improvisation, composition and especially the use of voice in dance.